Pituitary and hypothalamus connected

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Posted by Bobbie P. ( on October 06, 1999 at 01:42:01:

In Reply to: Never can tell posted by Bob P on October 05, 1999 at 17:08:38:

Bob, the hypothalamus is connected to the pituitary gland. In your search you will find that the pituitary is "the Master Gland", controlling quite a few major happenings in the human body from puberty to menopause(yes there is male menopause too) and everything in-between. Margi has the right idea with the "stimulating and supressing" thoughts. Think in terms of a relay or switch board. On the board you have your adrenal glands, your thyroid and parathyroid glands, your hypothalamus and your pituitary gland. When one of these glands is affected it causes a chain reaction on the board, affecting all the other glands. If the master gland is not working properly or has been affected by one of the other glands it causes a chain reaction on the board. All of these glands affect each other and "the beat goes on". Take a look at some of the things that happen with CH sufferers: Mood swings predominant before onset of headache, depression common among sufferers(hormone reaction); headaches usually start during REM sleep(Pituitary- through the hypothalamus?); Period of heavy stress/ill health can set off a cycle (adrenal or thyroid). These are just a few things that I can think of right now. Actually I'm amazed that my brain can think this clearly right now!
I think I'll pack it in for now, its past my bedtime and I don't want to screw up my Cirrcadian rhythms(sp?)

God Bless
Bobbie, not your ex, P.

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