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Posted by SAM ( on October 06, 1999 at 18:32:58:

So, you clicked the button to see what a non-cluster has to say? How do you know? Did you ask? I know it is not migraines or headaches and maybe not clusters but what I do know is:

This is the World Wide Web of the United States of America Land of the Fuckin Free!!!!

Nobody can control who visits this site and can not stop the world from surfing into this site.

Typical of the male ego to try and control everything!

But you proved me right....JUDGEMENTAL

Do you know who you are judging?
Do you know there is a human being with pain and feelings behind each typed letter?
Did you ask?

I did not know that credentials were needed here but between my husband and myself we have had personal and professionl experience with therapy, counseling, rehab, health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, addictions, group therapy and etc... etc..


AA would be a good example:
They do not kick-out, criticize, judge, and reject anyone who comes in their doors.
Be it AA, NA, Alanon, Domestic Violence, Co-dependency or homelessness.......THEY HELP

Guide In A Positive, Supportive Manner To The Correct Therapeutic Group.

You are going to get millions of "New Babies" visiting this site and their is no directions at the top to the page.

Please state to them that you E-Mail behind their backs! The box says OPTIONAL... and maybe I did not know proper ediquite but we need our E-Mail address for our business and clients..... which is none of your fucking business... and did you ask?

This is a help site!!!!


This is serious stuff.

People in pain, on medications, alone, can not distinguish your games with reality.

I have to listen to my husband answering the Crisis Line at 3:00 AM,..... calming down a suicidal....... when you guys could have caused one!!!

God Todd, you could have just said the name, instead of playing computer games that new people, sick people don't know. And why are you NOW explaining to new people what KTSSU means??

Yes, This is a highly efficient communication device and I replied every statement for a reason...

Look at the reaction it received!!!

I just got the internet and you site was the first I found.

I know GOD had a reason for me to visit this site and damn it, it is going to be a positive one!

The facts here are a great help
The foundation is here

Guidelines should be stated for the newcommers.

As for me, I do not know what to label the pain I have in my head. (Todd: I need two shots of Imitrex plus a third in a few hours to put a dent in it) I could be dead from cancer in a month.

I deeply feel I was treated very horrible here on this site. Thank God , I am strong enough to handle it but I hope we all learned something. I DID!

My days on the net are over.... DID IT.... DONE IT...
My experience with it was memorable in a way I will never forget.
My future generation needs me the most.

or maybe I'll pop in with a @#&%!!! now and then and you'll know it is me!!!!!
ha ha , just joking...

You can now talk amungst yourselves........

But I do know

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