i'm approx. a 3/7 fucking moron!

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Posted by Riccardo Pentenero ( on October 07, 1999 at 02:51:30:

In Reply to: PERFECT!!!!!!! posted by drummer on October 06, 1999 at 19:13:51:

i'm a 3/7 fucking moron! let's examine and agree/disagree the 7 points.

1. Almost never is anybody told to go away on their first post. Almost always , if they clearly do not have cluster headaches, SOMEBODY refers them to places where they can find help.

2. This site IS BY DESIGN, BY HISTORICAL PRECEDENT AND BY REPEATED STATEMENT OF THE WEBMASTER/OWNER: For and about the specific disease known as Cluster Headache (two older names, rareley seen now: Horton's Headache,episodic)hisatiminic cephalgia

3. Everybody has different ideas about what they would LIKE to see and hear, everywhere they go - but guess what - it's a big world, and there's something and someplace for everyone. But everybody doesn't belong, or need to be, everywhere.
4. If you are brand new to this site, and see something that strikes you as harsh, please understand it is usually an issue that has been repeatedly problematic for the Cluster Headache involved people who this place IS DESIGNED AND INTENDED TO SERVE.

5. I too have other "problems" in my life, though I prefer to think of them as challenges - but I don't bring them here, because this isn't the right place to deal with them.
----DISAGREE, this is your point of view (may be mine too for MY problems) but if someone shout "help!", and this is also a CH, i TRY to help him, whichever he got... divorce, out of work, louses or hemorroids.

6. Yes, it would be nice if everybody was "nice" to everybody else, all the time. Guess what - welcome to the world. That doesn't mean be mean on purpose, it means if somebody "snaps" at you, don't be so damn thinned skin - as little buddy Bart says, "don't have a cow !" .....
----LIGHTLY DISAGREE... may happens to be "not nice" with people, but I prefer (at least try) to do that directly, not by WEB or phone. May born big misunderstanding about a word not well know or not intenctionally said (i give you an example: in all Italy the word "bastard" is a high offence like among you, but a region of 3 million people here -Veneto- use it as "you have not understand". if i live in Veneto and answer you here with "you're a bastard!" without any reason, what will happen? is always better to ask why, and then attack!)

7. There are huge commercial sites being set up just for people who want to do "internet community" as a new life form, GREAT
THIS ISN'T ONE OF THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!
----LIGHTLY DISAGREE....this IS an internet community, born to help CH sufferers with new meds & cures, but if i go to the hospital for a tonsillectomy and they found here also huge adenoids, THEY cut ALL, not only tonsils!

Sorry for the lenght, and "ciao bastardi" (=="hi bastards") in the Veneto sense :-)
Love and pain free days

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