maybe not a trigger, but associated

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Posted by gary g ( on October 09, 1999 at 00:40:28:

In Reply to: nasal congestion a trigger? posted by jen on October 08, 1999 at 21:07:42:

I noticed quite a while back that a cluster often seemed to follow a cold/flu like bout for me -

BUT in the last several clusters I've been paying close attention, and think it is more apt to actually be a common part of the overall cluster onset than it is a separate 'triggering" event

my initial "malaise" only lasts a couple days (so not a cold) and has no fever or digestive symptoms; and then tends to give way to the cluster precursors - some of which you mentioned

as far as those associated symptoms you report having without attacks - sounds EXACTLY like what often happens with me - as it has been now for about 3 weeks - I think it's what some folks are calling shadows

I'm afraid I gotta suggest that you & I ARE in an active phase of CH right now, and the imbalance pendulum just hasn't swung far emough yet to start producing the characteristic extreme pain attacks - had 2 or 3 mild ones a while back, and chased 'em back into their cave

so far I've been able to "hold off" the attacks with a variety of behavioral and medication "tricks", and once in a great while I succeed in doing that for the full active cluster - I get the precursors, but very few if any attacks

unfortunately, I only get away with that about 1 in 3 times - so right now I'm in that nasty "waiting for the other shoe to drop" phase

how I deal at this point:

unlimited sleep - I just don't set the alarm clock & don't get up until I just can't sleep any more

lots of benadryl - 8 to 10 a day

NO extreme physical exertion, but mild exercise every day - walk a couple miles, that sort of thing

have also been experimenting taking a 3mg melatonin every night at bed -
so far so good
but because I'm using it AND the benadryl, I can't make any fair claims for the melatonin, and I'm too much of a woosss to stop the benadryl while I've got a chance of dodging the attacks

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