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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on October 09, 1999 at 02:23:06:

In Reply to: Could we perhaps try to limit ourselves to non-trivial messages? posted by Maryse on October 08, 1999 at 14:45:04:

I was really worried when I woke up. They are clearing lots in my neighborhood with the threat of moving in mobile homes. The head bushwacker told me to mark the edge of my woods so they don't chew up my forest. Know what I did?...guess....come on guess!! wrong! My son told me to use helium balloons to mark my I did. Well he didn't actually tell me..he has CP and can't speak. He smiled and looked at the balloons tied to a kitchen chair when I lamented that I didn't have any of that day-glo tape to tie on the trees. He had a bunch of balloons left over from Octoberfest. Not the plastic ones that lose the helium..these are good mylar baloons. Someone told me that the reason they stay up longer is because the molecules of helium are smaller than whatever the latex balloons are made of. I wonder if they make mylar condoms? I heard they make glow-in-the-dark ones. What was the name of that movie? That guy from that sitcom that Suzanne Sommers was in was in it. He was running around in the dark and all you could see was this glo-stick bobbing around the room. Now that was funny! I've been married for 21 years so I don't really know about them anyway. In the days of free love we didn't have Aids so noone used em. I have a 32 yr. old child out there that I've never seen but I never caught Aids. The balloons worked great! The machines stayed off my property but all around me the lots are cleared. Some people like it like that. I prefer the deep woods. But it's not my land so I don't feel right telling people what to do with their land. It's a Texas freedom thing. If I can tell them what to do with their land, then they can tell me what to do with mine. I don't want that. They may move in mobile homes which would affect my property value but that is the price one pays for freedom. I gueuss I could post a sign on my lawn that says "I DON"T LIKE MOBILE HOMES or TRIVIA or CUSSIN or MIDRIN-HEADS". I have that right. But I probably won't. I'll be too busy picking up the garbage that my neighbors dogs got into and scattered all over the yard. I'd call the cops since we have a law against free running dogs but since I don't have a fence and let my dog run too it would probably be a bad idea. could have been raccoons...from the woods.
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