What a shame

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Posted by Rick B ( on October 12, 1999 at 07:41:45:

When I first found this site it was a breath of fresh air in a world of pain. But the more time goes by the more I find that this is just like any other site. I used to find comfort and information in the posts that i would read. Now it takes a long time to wallow through all the fighting and insults to find what I'm looking for (info to help make my chronic days just a little easier to bear) I know alot of you are caring hurting indiviudals who are here to help each other. I also understand that this is a place to vent. But so many times I read about conflicts between people who have never met. 90% of my time is taken up with either dealing with the demon or waiting for him to sttrike again. i find it facinating that peolpe such as yourselves who deal with the extreme pain or are affected by it by being a supporter have the time to argue amongn'st yourselves. As if the pain isnt hard enough to deal with. I try to live my life by just a few simple rules. One of them is "No confrontation without investment" simply put until you invest time in learning what makes another tick you really dont have theright to critisize anothers actions or opinons.In mylife if people wish to be rude or un-caring or anything els for that matter thats their business. I quess I'm being selfish here but I want a cure, or at least remission for awhile. I hate reading posts where people are on each others back over things said or implied. So to those of you who truley are here to be part of a family who all share the same pain GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! You are the ones who have given me strength to keep going. You've given me the strength to get rid of docs who dont know and seek out those who do. You've given me support be it direct or in-direct. Your are the ones who I'm sure when I decide to come back will still be here. Also your the ones I hope to meet at the convention. To the rest of you.Life is so short andthe pain many of you deal with on a daily basis is so great. Stop the bikkering and fighting. You know how you wish people would understand, Well pass alittle of that understanding on to others. Well thats it for me I will check this message one time for responses and then I hope to meet some of you in Las Vegas.

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