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Posted by David Chalfant ( on October 13, 1999 at 18:36:22:

In Reply to: back to discussion of rebounds & a word to the grammar nuts posted by gary g on October 12, 1999 at 12:48:00:

Cluster research, in my opinion, has just scratched the surface of this disorder. I understand the desparation and let down of "the grasping for straws" and "methods" and home remedies that do not always work I have had to lower my expectations of treatments, tips and off beat attempts to abort a CH. People oriented twords scientific approach understand that there needs to be a valid foundation to build upon and can and will try and retry to validate their research ( double blind studies. Have others test and try the same research, etc.
Excuse me but Dr. Goadsby's research does not mean jack shit,yet. So he finds a commonality among CH sufferes. Cool. Even though this is ground breaking, what have we learned ?
Well Parkinsonism, Tourette's Syndrome, MS, etc can be diagnosed and treated but these diseases took years and years of research to find the causes one step at a time. Yes, there are meds to treat all of these but NO cure. Probably will be the same with CHs.
In the mean time, I bet we can deal with the emotional effect by Cognitive Restructuring, or if needed, a therapist that use cognitive approaches. This certainly helped me to deal with panic disorder so I assume as my therapist believes, it can help in our struggle with the emotional effects of CHs.
Yes, I will try reasonably "sound" CH tips. But I have found it best to not get overly excited concerning a somewhat validated treatment, med, or tip. We have a disabling illness. It is a bitch. It probably will be with most of us a long time; therefor, I believe we can find a reasonably happy life despite our dillemna.'Cause I wants to be happy. Damn me if you must but who will be most affected?
I have learned this through the CHMB and giving and caring folks like Gary G. No favoritism or brown nosing intended.
Best wishes to all,DC

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