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Posted by Stephen Brown ( on October 14, 1999 at 20:32:06:

Hello there all you ClusterHeads!!!! It is I! The prodigal ClusterHead from Western Canada...... and I must be the happiest durned feller on the face of the planet... after 3 months (ONLY!!!)of incessant shadows, and dances with the Beast, I have made my way out of the hell that some of you continue to live with.... you are the toughest damn group of people I have ever come across!!!! And I mean that with heartfelt sincerity!!! I never could have imagined actually happening upon a group of people who were sufferers of this horror..... as I was prior to this year's cycle...I was a chronic sufferer... for 18 yrs... they went away for 2 and a half years, only to return this summer with a furious vengeance... I remembered almost every headache I ever suffered as soon as my first one struck this year.... "Oh my God!!!" I thought... "I can't!!!!! I can't deal with them again!!! Not one!! Not multitudes!!!! No way!!! Stop it!!! Take your life before it destroys the wonder of the past two pain free years!!!!" But then I was introduced to YOU!!! You wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate, angry, focussed , unwavering, impetuous people!!! I learned more in my first visit to this Website than I had ever known about the Cluster Headache.... You made my visit to the Neurologist an informed one... I cannot thank you enough!!! I was prescribed the meds of my recommendation/choosing. This seemed unprecedented to me, but at the same time, I remembered.."My doctors work FOR ME!!!" This was a Godsend.. this site. I do pop in here and there to see how you are all doing.... and I'm sad to see some of you are no better off today than when I first discovered you... this is heartwrenching. My thoughts are with you all..... I would like to thank those of you who corresponded to me through my postings and responses... Margi, your water treatment is indeed one of my personal faves out of all the things I saw here.... the meds I took were CRAZY!!! They removed me from myself more often than not, and I was in a fog during most of the time I was using them... Drummer, Carl D, Riccardo (yer sooo cool), Elaine, gary g, Ted... all of you!!!! I wish you a good night's sleep and a successful treatment program from compassionate doctors!!! Oh, and by the way.. you folks are all entitled to VENT any old way you want to.... but hey... you would all do well to love one another, (as I believe you do) and support each other as best as you can. This is YOUR forum... so go for it!!! (Not the jugular though!!!) Huggggggs to all of you who made me feel your care and concern during my cycle.... and I hope to be back to wish you all well again in the near future. I'm thinkin' of you ALL!!!!!

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