left brained ? falling off the pacific coast

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Posted by gary g ( on October 15, 1999 at 12:27:21:

In Reply to: Left Brain / Right Brain posted by Bob P on October 15, 1999 at 10:06:12:

anytime I've taken one of those tests, the results keep bouncing off the left parameter like a rabbit with that rolling disease -
(and if you don't know about THAT you've missed one of the truly perverse laughs in the animal kingdom)

and when I take that test big Co's love to give, with the umpteen hundred weird questions, ..I think it's the "Iowa whatever" test..I come out right down the middle EXCEPT for what they call the "mental energy" part - then that goes taaaawhaaaaaaaaang ! right off the scale

which I think means I am eligible to be either Robin Williams or Ted Koszinszcki (didn't know how to spell the 2nd name, so just threw a bunch of letters in, it's a verbal joke anyway)

enny whey -

BUT I think the tendency may be more for the Cluster Headache AND any possibly linked/allied conditions to "train" us us left sided,rather than the "sidededness" producing the eadaches

my clusters have been 60 or so on right side, a very few, years ago on left side

this is fun to consider, but I suspect it may have little to do with CH, mainly because of the very different functions of the parts of the brain that are involved

we also need to remember that all of these kind of things come from DIFFERENT theories of psychiatry/psychology, and they are NOT unified - in fact are often quite mutually exclusive

Freud, Piaget, James, etc
VERY different theories of why we.........
so any correlation with physical ailments like CH is only as good as the credibility of the psych theory being used to explain it

like the way the guy is supposed to have explained the IQ test:

Q. What does your test measure ?

A. IQ, what is called the Intelligence Quotient

Q. And what is IQ ?

A. IQ is that wich my test measures

another theory -
a lot of those dinosaurs had ganglionic impulse exchange centers at the base of their spines, that were so complex & capable they approached the notion of being a "second brain"

maybe that's what heppened to us -
we evolved away from a tail too early, and the second brain went with it - what we're feeling now is a sort of "ghost pain" like amputees get

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