Homer the Sparrow

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Posted by RB ( on October 15, 1999 at 13:31:08:

I know you have probably heard this one in some format, so just play along. One day way up north where Margi lives, the sparrows were all getting ready to fly south for the winter. All except Homer. He was not eating extra seeds and bugs for the long flight, he thought there was plenty of time. All the other birds gathered around and made a plan for rest stops and everything and Homer said they were forming a "clique" that he was not in. Well, the day finally came to leave but Homer decided to wait and go it alone. Well it soon started getting cold and he had to start flying south. He was very tired from not sleeping too well. It started to rain, and then snow. It got so cold his wings began to freeze up. Homer was going down. He spotted a farm not much farther with a big red barn. He tried to make it to the warm hay, but having frozen wings he crashed right in the middle of the barnyard. Just as he was about to give up and freeze to death, a cow walked right over him and dropped a cow pattie right on top of him. Homer thought how nasty it was to die like this, covered in cow dung. Well, soon he noticed that the dung was warming his feathers. He was going to live!! He was so happy, that he started to sing. Just then the farmers cat was walking through the barnyard and heard Homer singing. He pounced on the cow pattie and started digging Homer out and he ate him right there. Well, I guess not everyone that shits on you is your enemy. And not everyone that takes shit off you is your friend. And if you are warm and happy, even if it is in a pile of shit, keep your mouth closed. Just for fun. See ya

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