Strange....(a tiny bit long)

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Posted by Lars ( on October 15, 1999 at 20:10:53:

So here I go again.
After almost two months without attacks I got hit with
a red hot poker into the eye yesterday at 6 am.
Normally the attacks occure 90 minutes after falling asleep.
So this one surely was out of the ordinary.
It went up on the scale to a 8 to 9. Had to make the
injection ready and give me a shot. First thing I found out was
that I lost more weight in the last two months than expected.
(I always inject into a "roll" on the side of the stomache).
When the needle was in it did start hurting like it did never before.
Tough as I am (hehehe) I injected one third of the dosis.
After pulling the needle out it started to bleed there. Dang, lost to
much there. Next time I shouldn't stick the needle into myself so deep again,
or I should start gaining weight again (NOT!).
The whole day was a waste for me. Felt like dog-poop (at
least I think, this is how it feels).
And the whole day, without any pause I had a cluster. It was always between a
1 and 2 on the KipScale. Not a shadow but a cluster. Not tough enough to
go for another injection, but strong enough to be annoying. Around noon I felt like
taking a nap, so I went to bed for an hour (that was the plan).
When I layed down on the left side (attack side) the cluster seemed to get worse.
WHen I layed down on the right side, I fell asleep.
Turnig back to the left side made me wake up at once. The time in bed went up from
1 hour (planned) to 3 hours sleep. Felt pretty exhausted all day.
The later the evening was, the more the cluster seemed to disappear. When I went to bed
around 11 pm it was gone. No shadows or pain attacks since then.
Has anyone else experienced a 17-Hour-Constant-Cluster before? I mean really 17 hours, without
pause in, not even five minutes? It was a very scarey
experience for me, since I was wondering what was going on.

Any input welcome.

Painfree times,


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