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Posted by drummer ( on October 26, 1999 at 04:04:08:

In Reply to: I think I triggered some emotions here Spock! posted by Bobbie P. on October 26, 1999 at 00:28:23:

Hello everyone, I’m in a GREAT mood.

Although I type this under Bobbie’s post; I submit this question to the “board”. How does one determine the state of emotion that a writer of a post is in at the time the writer is writing a post?

I have just re-read my post entitled, (Question?), and for the life of me I can’t understand how it is that Bobbie assumes that I was angry at the time that I wrote it. I was NOT angry at all. Bobbie also mentions that my “dander” was “up” and that I have a “sarcastic wit”. I don’t see THAT in my post either. I see me pointing out the obvious. I see me pointing out MY opinion and respecting Bobbie’s opinion. I don’t see anything that shows what state of emotion that I was in at the time.

For the record I was quite happy at the time I was writing the post. My young daughters and I had just finished "playing around" and I was “chatting” with DJ and Elaine on ICQ. I was in a really, really good mood. There was no “sarcasm” intended in my post. There is no “sarcasm” intended in this post either. Bobbie, how can I possibly remind you of you a year ago; you don’t even “know” me? I believe that you assume too much. Can anyone show me what word or string of words in my post shows anger or sarcasm? Thanks for your time. Sign me, “I-may-be-chronic-but-I’m-in-a-good-mood-and-I’m-not-being-sarcastic”, (drummer).
P.S My comment about talking to my wife was true; I asked my wife a question. I also am not the type of person that has “rip roaring tirades”. I don’t have a problem talking about stress or relaxing either. It’s just that in my opinion; I don’t think that stress or relaxation have anything to do with Cluster Headaches. Stress and relaxation tend to trigger Migraines and NOT Cluster attacks. I believe that Sleep and Alcohol trigger Cluster attacks, but NOT emotions. Again, just my opinion.

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