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Posted by Gary Williams ( on October 26, 1999 at 12:54:31:

I have been wanting to tell someone this to see if it means anything. I almost apologize because I have been looking for something for a long time and don't know if what I have found has any thing for anyone. I have been to doctors and told that I have cluster headaches since high school. The one lucky part is that my clusters were two to three years between them. Once when I complained about the drug that I was put on, I wanted to know if there was anything without quit the potential side effects of this one, I has a desk reference put in front of me to read the description and possible drugs and cluster headaches. This was quite awhile ago now. I remember the last one I had I finally went into urgent care and asked for what ever they had. I did not care what it was. All I wanted to be was out. Over the years the drugs seem to just put off the inevitable but never really stopped it. When a the headackes started they would last for a month or two and I could set my watch by them. As the years passed all I thought the drugs did was make the final ones worse and prolong the period when I had them. This may be nothing new to those who suffer but I have never found any trigger.
Rather than finding a trigger I started looking for something missing. Through all the natural health books I don't think I ever found anything that really worked and I don't remember what made me to this but I think, hope, hope, hope, something is working for me. I apoloize say for me because this is some simple I have to apologize for saying this for two reasons. We are all individuals and this may only be my cure and because of the large lag times between mine I may be grasping onto nothing. I do take some other vitamin, not mega, but some. But it seems that when I started drinking V8 tomato juice, glass containers, that I have been able to avoid what I felt was the begining of a new series and it has been some time since the have had a true cluster headache. And this is not gallons of V8. Just one of the small 8oz jars three or four times a week or if I feel like something is near. I believe in health through natural foods and not drugs or even tons of vitamins and this seem to work for me. Maybe it is something missing. Something small, some combination for each individual. I apologize for making this sound so simple because I know the pain. I am one of the lucky ones who at least had long periods of relief to forget. I have looked at diets before but they always seem to be avoidance diets. Maybe it is just something missing. I havn't read all the messages so I hope this may be new for someone.
If you are wandering if I really ever had custer headaches. I was diagnosed by a doctor. I went from the over the counter pain killser to the perscription over the counter pain killers to prescription drugs. I don't remember how to spell it but it started something like presazone?? To something that had a clear warning about heart attacks. Does this mean anything to anyone?

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