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Posted by hub ( on October 28, 1999 at 08:11:15:

Oh sorry just practicing for the next performance...I barely made the boys choir with all this testosterone.
I don't know. I think that the testosterone/pituitary/adrenal/gonad/stress/whatever theories are all valid. I feed on job related stress. It's nectar to me. It's those days when things are wrong and descisions have to be made and we're brainstorming and click click click man you gotta love it. I truly hate the marital type of stress because that interferes with another thing that is truly nectar to me. Which is another point for the glandular thing. We have something that causes our glands to over/under produce.
All these obsevations are good, but I think we are observing symptoms of the problem.
Dr. Goadsby is on the right track. The abnormally high density of cells in the hypothalamus is probably getting closer to the crux of the matter,(get it,matter) if not, The crux.
The body when working properly is like a symphony. Why, it's like the harmony in the boy's choir; but, if one thing is out of sync, it causes a host of other things to go wrong. You know like the over active thyroid causing weight gain causing joint pain and heart strain causing...We can control seritonin levels or manipulate hormone levels and reduce/increase stress, but we're still just doctoring the symptoms folks. and that is about all I am good for. I have this pesky shadow...

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