Such sad times are these when passing ruffians shamefully stop to say NEE to an old woman!

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Posted by Carl D ( on October 29, 1999 at 03:30:23:

In Reply to: WALK A MILE IN MY HIGH HEELS posted by Linda Howell on October 29, 1999 at 02:04:12:

Linda, I must apologize for the way The "FAMILY" is acting, (There is more love shown in the Manson family. Sad...but true).

I'm sick of people stating hurtful "OPINIONS" rather than facts. These are the idiots that attack me for not being "Technical" yet in thier wisdom seem to be able to discern, discredit and basically destroy other peoples emotions, who are already dealing with too much.

Hey attackers, heres a tip: when you have a fact, By all means post it. But when your just thinking out loud and saying, "oh this person can't have them because they are female and don't fit the "classic" pattern, keep it to yourself!!! Women do have them and if MODERN MEDIEVAL SCIENCE really knew what they were talking about - we might have a cure by now. But to date - it is ALL speculation and opinion.

You don't have to take this anymore. I am nobody's judge, and if you say you have them - I believe you. You know better than anyone else, after all, your the one suffering!

And anyone else who wants to post such a bashing opinion: you really have alot of nothing to say. Youre not encouraging anyone and your not helping or presenting helpful information. All you are doing is tearing everyone innocent people who came here for support down. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Yes, I am ashamed at things I have said in previous posts, and have repented openly. That is why some people who have shamed me openly and apologized privately have not gotten a response from me. Have the decency if you are going to slam someone openly to retract openly - otherwise, you are what we called in the '80's "A POSEUR".

If you want to be a tekkie, at least give us some useful information, and stop badgering people.

In the words of Rodney King: "can't we all just get along?"

But we agree to disagree. Too bad. It would seem people with a common bond such as ours would be closer and more caring to one another - but that would only be in a perfect world with logical and rational people. Yes, I get irrational - but I will not sit and critique a peoples post and say "OOOH, he has them, OOOH she doesn't have them."

There's a name for people who have to tear others down on this spiderweb, I call them "CYBERSTALKERS". They are there to make you feel worse. Unbeknownst to these geniuses, they may say the wrong thing to someone who is already on the tip of the edge from all of the torture and trauma, and that could be the kiss of death in helping them make the decision of ending the whole f#@king mess. I hope they are proud and have a clear conscience (if they even have one), because there will be a judgement day and that hopeless person searching for someone who cares and is pushed over the edge by a serial typist, that poor persons blood is on that genius' hands. Congratulations , you have earned the Krevorkian Award of the year!

"Just think about it - you'll get it!".........SupaFREEK

PS - I wasn't calling you old - it's an old Monty Python quote from a movie called "The Holy Grail" as Dennis said in the movie: "I'm thirty seven - I'm not old!!!".......Peace , love, and PFD's

PPS - This is a rambling message, but who really cares. I have been up five days straight and my intolerance of cyberstalkers wielding fully armed modems has grown very very thin.

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