It's my turn to say PAIN FREE !!!!!!

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Posted by Denise ( on October 29, 1999 at 23:36:18:

Yes let me say it again PAIN FREE!!! It feels so good to even hear it out loud to hear myself say P.F. can you see me. I'm doing 40 summersaults,20 cartwheels,starting to get tired now o.k o.k,5 front ward rolls twirling around and around arms spread wide yelling RAH RAH RAH !!!!!!!!!!! Exuse me now I'm feeling like a dam cheerleader . Yes it's my turn after looking on the board day after day seeing others post of pain free days.Forgive me but I did envy those people at the time wishing it was me.Now it is my turn and I would like to thank a few of you people.Margie with her warm hugs around my family.Bob P for the days of hit and miss,his phrase your almost there lady.While in those last days of hit and miss I would rewind his message in my head its almost over.Ted the one dthat always keeping me on mi teos when posting a message on the board my mised pelled wurds,my gramcracker sentences.I love him bunches!!!!!!!!!!!Todd with his appealing words like classy lady that makes you feel good inside even through the dance.My last huge thank you goes to D.J for setting up this life line site for us to come to in time of pain,or comfort,med advice whatever the case may be.I truly thank you D.J money well spent.For the rest of you in your cycle there is the sunny side as Todd always says K.T.S.S.U.I see the sun now,hear birds singing,LIFE IS GOOD !!!Do not give in to this dam demon he will soon pass when knowing you will not give in to him.Be strong.I will always be here for you if anyone needs me.L.Y.G.S Denise

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