You're welcome. Here's my polite correction

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Posted by Ted ( on October 31, 1999 at 00:18:50:

In Reply to: thanks posted by Krista on October 31, 1999 at 00:11:28:

You better make that "Ass-kissing correction":

I have a quick comment about what you said in the article that you authored "Headache, Cluster" which is in Emedicine.
The following is what you wrote in your introduction: "Background: Cluster
headaches, also known as histamine headaches, are a specific vascular
headache syndrome. Attacks are usually severe, unilateral and are typically
located at the temple
and periorbital region. Duration of each headache is brief, typically a few
moments and always
less than one hour. "Cluster" refers to a grouping of headaches usually in a
period of several

While most of this is correct -- attacks are usually severe, unilateral and
located at the temple and periorbital region -- I'm afraid to report that the
duration of each attack is incorrect. While there are times that the pain is
brief and only lasts a few minutes (and if you meant that, I can understand
accidently writing "moments" instead of "minutes") typically they last for 15
minutes to an hour -- not "always less than an hour." And many times, though
not typically, they may last up to 3 hours. This information I got
anecdotally from me, people at an online organization ""
(Who, incidentally can be located at that address if you'd like to check us
out and get more info, or just talk en-masse [or one-on-one]with a very
diverse group of sufferers and supporters of "clusterheads."), and through
researching medical papers discussing clusters.
Just so you don't think I only picked that minor error in your work, I
thoroughly enjoyed what you wrote and had to say on the subject at hand. I
found it to be very educational. And I thank you for your work in the medical
field of keeping your colleagues informed on a condition that brings only a
small percent of us excrutiating, and in some cases, deadly pain.


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