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Posted by gary g ( on November 01, 1999 at 00:54:01:

In Reply to: Scared To Answer posted by Linda B on October 31, 1999 at 02:22:25:

1. Linda is not the only one to make some of these protests. My comments are not AT her, but at the topics she raises.

2. The idea of "Family". Frankly, I for one OBJECT to the whole idea of this being a "family".
I guess I'm a bit classic, or old fashioned, but I just don't buy that concept.
To me FAMILY still means something a hell of a lot bigger, deeper and binding, than a bunch of people with too much time on their hands, who share a single common interest and get off on swapping notes overe the internet. To call that a family is worse than silly - it's horribly SAD !

It's not unique to CHMB by any means, everywhere you go now, the buzzword is "family". It goes along with the whole "inclusion" and "empowerment" fads. It's all just fallout from the latest management psychology theory, which is still the sameoldsameold: "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."

3. In this, as so many things - you can't use your own proclamations to prove your own case. That's basically plain old circular logic. If you don't know what I'm referring to here - skip it, it would take too long to explain.

4. What is this recurring hogwash about a "clique" ? This is a WWW bulletin board. Nothing more, nothing less.
Anybody on earth has equal ability to boot their machine, log on and post whatever drivel they want. Nobody (but DJ) can stop them, and nobody can force anybody else to read ANY of it.
For example: I've made suggestions from time to time, which I think might help some people get their point across better to those who read their posts, but that doesn't amount to squat as far as COMPELLING anybody to do anything.
If you don't like what I suggest - then just don't open my posts.
It's that easy.
You'll have a better day, and I don't really give a rat's ass whether any particular individual reads what I post or not.

5. We hear a lot about "rights".
This is basically a form of publication, like letters to the editor. Or, it can be seen as a form of public speech.
Either way, we MAY each have a "right" to say/publish what we want. BUT we don't have a right to compell anybody else to listen.

I thnk it's hysterical the way a lot of people these days seem to think it gravely offensive, if a rock they throw in the air has the unbridled temerity to actually fall back down and conk 'em on the noggin.

6. We keep hearing claims that somebody that needs help with Cluster Headache will read the quarrelsome posts and be "scared off", deprived of the help they need.
A. It's a friggin, computer screen in their own home. It can't hurt them. If it scares them, they've got bigger problems than CH and CHMB isn't gonna help in the least.
B. If they have CH, then they are so accustomed to real pain, and used to dealing with real trouble, that they already are used to just cutting through the crap and finding what they need.
If they're not, it's time they learned.
Hope this isn't too vague for anyone.
Go ahead and call me a pompous bombastic horse's ass.
You won't be the first one.

But guess what - that doesn't make me wrong !!!!

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