probably different perspectives, not missing anything

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Posted by gary g ( on November 02, 1999 at 12:12:40:

In Reply to: Benefit of a doubt. posted by Bob Kipple on November 01, 1999 at 17:45:55:

"What am I missing here? The lady suggests an alternative to dousing ourselves with a chemical soup with, albeit anaother. I don't see any huxtering and on the surface at least, Sandy's post is sincere. Why the slam? What am I missing here" KIP

1. What are you missing ? - probably nothing - at least from YOUR experience - which is where each of our individual ideas & opinions come from

2. Wouldn't bother explaining if it weren't you Kip - I stand behind what I posted AND the tone, which IN MY OPINION ONLY is appropriate for what I "hear" in the sandi posts, read together

but my experience (see 1 above) is that we have had SEVERAL extremely bad experiences in our extended family, with sick & older people being shamelessy victimized by pitches with EXACTLY the same tone & buzzword gimmicks as the sandi posts - - including my own mother's DEATH in 1988 - - so YEAH I have an ax to grind as they say BUT:

3. you don't see any huckstering - OK, but that is a highly subjective call - just like any issue - hey, there are a LOT of people out there who think Pat Buchanan & Rush Limbaugh make a lot of sense (now THAT makes my skin crawl !)

to me - anytime you see somebody suggesting/promoting/endorsing/recommending ANYthing based on allusions of the "everbody KNOWS the alternative is horrible" variety, without clear presentation of WHY their alternative will be any better - put your hand on your wallet & head for the door

5. MAYBE sandi is innocently sincere and just carried away with naive enthusiasm -
sorta what we up here in New England call the "California Effect"
BUT - her string of several posts, in the tone they were presented, and the shotgun aspect of how she laid them down ALL indicate otherwise - the old "walks like a duck, talks like a duck, swims like a duck" routine

it's deer hunting season up here right now,
and we try to have sense enough to act accordingly (it's no great chore to do so, really)
but if I put on a brown suit with white shirt, and go out and crawl around on all fours in the brush, I'll probably get my ass shot off - -

4. and, as always - the middle of the road, like public policy, is rarely if ever found by people joining on the center line - it is almost always achieved by hammering stuff out back & forth, and wherever the flag drops is probably the right place - for now

so - let me "revise" my post to sandi

and add at the beginning:

if by some tiny percentage of an iota of a fraction of a slim chance,
you are sincere in trying to help all us poor suffering folk - boy is my face red

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