things can be TRUE without being appropriate for THIS board

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Posted by gary g ( on November 03, 1999 at 13:25:06:

In Reply to: To Profit of Not to Profit posted by MikePA on November 03, 1999 at 07:05:44:

what sandy's defenders can't seem to get thru their heads is this:

DJ, who built, maintains & funds this board is EXTREMELY tolerant of almost anything that we wish to put up

he has put forth only a couple "rules" for its conduct:

1. is that it stays CLUSTER headache focussed
(we've beaten that one to death, and no doubt will in the future - gotta keep it focussed or we WILL lose any value in it)

2. DJ - DA MAN ! - has OFTEN said we will not tolerate using CHMB as a platform for solicitations, sales etc.

as to sandy's "points"

the "profit" motive - one thing I AGREED with the OBVIOUSLY misguided sandy on - no, it is NOT unreasonable for someone to earn for productive activity - of course not - as a general concept, and in the "open" marketplace

when it IS appropriate to solicit business, be honest and open about it - the sneaky "I'm your friend and just want to help, if you contact me" approach is A.just plain low-rent, sleazy and B. an early chapter in ANY salesmanship training manual - can be spotted a mile away by anyone with any experience at all

BECAUSE I have a personal peeve against people doing (1), stated above,
AND am EXTREMELY grateful to DJ, and thus very much respect (2),
it is my intention to continue to do what I can to help run the lowlifes off our playground

and frankly, some of you folks - I gotta wonder -
even though you're adults, you must still have someone to check your bath water temperature for you

most people with honest motives do NOT present themselves gushing over with beneficence and eagerness to help, just from the goodness of their hearts -at least not as their introductory gambit;

you show me someone who has NO personal stake in the areas where they chose to work/volunteer, and I'll show you someone to get the hell away from, ASAP - because that means they have HIDDEN motives,
and those motives are only hidden because they are highly suspect AND the person knows it

I'm NOT unusually wise, nor unusually perceptive- and often get a bit tunnel-visioned if I'm very serious about a project/topic
BUT - I AM old enough, and experienced in enough very different situations, to understand that SOME things are really pretty common, pretty standard wherever they occur, pretty ridiculous, and pretty well believed by people who haven't figured them out yet

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