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Posted by Bill McC ( on November 05, 1999 at 12:04:10:

In Reply to: you crazy man. (long) posted by hub on November 05, 1999 at 07:33:26:

dear hub,

See, there you go again, assuming things. Everyone knows the problem with butterfly farts is that since butterflies are insects and not mammals their farts contain not methane but cacliohypodermine which when processed through the n-dimensional chaos model produces among, other things, CH-pain. (For you researchers, I'd look at the hypo component of cacliohypodermine as the active agent in the CH-attack.)

I sold my coke stock long ago. I found that reality is much more interesting. The only drugs today are related solely and directly to CH management.

Exercise makes us stronger -- Pain makes us weaker. Re-read the article. Pain past the point of significant notification to the brain of actual or impending damage to tissue is excessive. This excessive pain eventually becomes a primary problem to be dealt with on its own. The CH-pain seems to be a misfired pain signal with no underlying tissue threat.

In my experience, I have been beaten into submission several times by the simple action of protracted CH-pain attacks. The pain of childbirth seems to add to the bonding effect between mother and child. Some pains teach lessons, like not to put you hand on a hot stove. The CH-pain seems to have neither of those attributes. It seems to have no meaning nor nutritional value.

As near as I can tell, the whole reason for the CH-pain was to bring together this little community on What goes on here is the telling tale. Each of us finds our own way through life. Had I been given a choice in the matter, I might have opted for some other reason to meet you. BUT... since I drew the CH-card, and so did you, and since DJ put the CHMB on-net, and since a thousand-million other little things like that happened (or didn't)... here we are.

I guess it depends upon what we do with the CH-pain experience to determine whether CH is a God thing or a demon thing. I have no bitterness towards CH, it has nothing to do with me, other than using my brain as a host site.

The God/Satin post is simply an exercise in fantasy. Things are what they are and aint what they aint. If in-fact thunder is caused by Norse gods playing a game of bowling balls, which it was in-fact for a long time, then why can not the CH-pain not be caused by the ritualistic struggle between God and Satin (or their agents) over some prize which we can not comprehend? Acknowledging this "fact" may allow some to simply ask the higher-powers that be to take their sticks and balls and play somewhere else.

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