fer chrissakes Clair, PAY ATTENTION - you're embarrassing yourself

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Posted by gary g ( on November 07, 1999 at 16:33:28:

In Reply to: Just Call Me Carl posted by Claire on November 07, 1999 at 13:34:00:

what in hell are you ranting about ????????

1. the post you replied to has NOTHING to do with gender specific ailments, another post does - I gather that's the one you meant to reply to

2. both posts about other types of headache which share symptoms with CH, clearly said:
"read the post about Why Do We Care"

- which explains a collective problem we have, that I have not been the first to speak of, by a long shot

2. the post that DID have to do with gender says this very clearly:

"There have been a lot of women having problems, looking for help here, whose ailment just doesn''t sound "right" for CH, whether they've had a diagnosis or not."

the words "A LOT" specifically mean more than a few - and that's been the case, whether you've been following long enough to see it or not,

and because I realized that some people wouldn't take the time to realize that "a lot" also implies "NOT ALL" - I took the time to add:

"Now - don't waste your time screaming that women DO get CH. Of course they do. Go back & read that para. again. It says a lot of women - not all."

I know you can write, from your post -
how do you do that without being able to read ?

jesus, mary & joseph!!!!!!!!
how simple do we need to make it?
this is a complex topic we're dealing with
it CAN'T be dealt with in one syllable words and 3 word sentences

and frankly, political correctness, and everybody's pet peeves, don't have a goddamn thing to do with the causes or cures of CH, so why not take that bullshit somewhere else - there are PLENTY of boards on the 'net that specialize in airheaded babble - this ISN'T one of them

3. "Call Me Carl" you said - fine
you sound like him

what you self-centered "the whole world is about me" types don't friggin understand is this:

a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to actually help, working on something that gets us somewhere - - material that might actually bring some positive change to some CHer's life -instead of trying to cultivate a damned daytime talk show style online circle jerk

for your information, that SET of 3 posts was prompted by an email from someone who is concerned & confused about their newly developed unilateral cephalgia- and asked me for some help looking for leads on more info
when I did a little digging for them, specific to their questions, I realized that what I found might be useful to a LOT of people who see this board,
so there it is

I still hope it helps somebody
and don't need ANY thanks, or attaboys for it at all
I get my reward in what I learn working on this stuff
BUT I'm about fed up with the pinheaded, moronic crap from people who can't even take the time to read & think about an item, before they slam it

and for those of you who were so worried when I told "sandy" the herb peddlar to get lost -

it turns out that YES - that in fact turned out to be a thinly veiled pitch to buy products thru a multilevel marketing scheme, a subsidiary of NuSkin, the "antiaging" company - using "sandy's" "account #", and hopefully getting you to sign up as a member yourself - you know the drill
and that bullshit about being chinese - well.....
if you really care - you do the digging

I'm tired of doing it for you

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