In all fairness to Sandy/ I wasn't going to get into this debate but drummer kept it up

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Posted by Nancy ( on November 08, 1999 at 08:37:48:

In Reply to: Questions posted by drummer on November 08, 1999 at 02:11:18:

Sandy is not a doctor so how could she explain how herbs change the structural abnormality of the brain, if there is one? How does this one doctor plan on changing the abnormality of the brain that he found in his study? How do we know that you men say you have a penis really do?

It seems to me that when a women comes on here with something she thinks/says might help/cure they get pounced on, but let a man come on here and say mushrooms cured his clusters he gets alot of positive posts. When we've known for yrs that these mushrooms can be dangerous if grown wrong or something else has been added to them.

It also seems like some of the OLD info about who/what ect clusters are about gets thrown out alot faster than other info, depending on what gender you are.
In someways it's like what women have had to put up with for yrs...they aren't taken serious.

I read gary's post and did see he said some women do get clusters. the sametime his posts seem to say women have the neck problems, so maybe they have other types of headaches? How about the men who say they have clusters but might have neck problem headache? I'm sure gary meant that for men too. I might be reading the post wrong there, but it does seem to be on this board the OLD info about women not getting clusters is the one info some want to hold on to. I've seen men come on here that seem to have more of a migraine than cluters too, not many but a few.

Was there women in the study of the abnormality? Was there a higher % of men in the study?
I think if the women on this board questioned the size of a mans guys would get a little upset too.

I do understand what gary is really saying...get the right treatment for the right headache is good for all, but to make points about women in the same posts is where I think the problem came the old idea of women not getting clusters has been posted and posted till we are red in the face, and not just during or after an attack. You men (and most of us women just love ya )have thrown out the idea of what a man is to look like who has clusters right away.

So lets examine our own hearts, and where we are coming from, before we post about someone else.
This post is not meant to pick out a few but for us all.

Send all hate mail to me personal...Claire sure got alot.

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