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Posted by Ted ( on November 08, 1999 at 16:39:48:

This one seems appropriate for today:

The Story Formerly Known as The Zax

by Dr. Seuss (And Dr. Ted, of course)
From The Sneetches and Other Stories
Copyright 1961 by Theodor S. Geisel and Audrey S. Geisel, renewed 1989. Copyright tossed out the window 1999 by Theodore H. Marcus

One day, making tracks
In the prairie of Imitrex,
Came a Nose-using Trex
And a Shot-using Trex.

And it happened that both of them came to a place
Where they bumped. There they stood.
Foot to foot. Face to face.

"Look here, now!" the Nose-using Trex said, "I say!
You are blocking my path. You are right in my way.
I'm a Nose-using Trex and I always go by nose.
Get out of my way, now, and let me do the dose!"

"Who's in whose way?" snapped the Shot-using Trex.
"I always get shot, making shot-junkie tracks.
So you're in MY way! And I ask you to move
And let me get shot in my shot-using groove."

Then the Nose-Using trex puffed his chest up with pride.
"I never," he said, "take a step to one side.
And I'll prove to you that I won't change my ways
If I have to keep standing here with no pain-free days!"

"And I'll prove to YOU," yelled the Shot-using Trex,
"That I can stand here in the prairie of Imitrex
For no pain-free years! For I live by a rule
That I learned as a boy back in Shot-using School.
Never budge! That's my rule. Never budge in the least!
Not an inch for the rest! Not an inch for the Beast!
I'll stay here, not budging! I can and I will
If it makes you and me and the whole world Resort to the pill!"

Of course the world didn't Use the pill. The world grew.
In a couple of years, the new cure came through
And they sold it right over those two stubborn Trex
And left them there, standing un-budge in their tracks.

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