sure sounds like something else.....

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Posted by gary ( on November 13, 1999 at 18:56:50:

In Reply to: Heres a liitle more info.... posted by Cari on November 13, 1999 at 15:11:31:

I'm: not a doc, not there,not you
3 things you say are definitely NOT CH symptoms, in fact are major "disqualifiers", according to anything I've ever seen & read in 30 years of CH - ESPECIALLY #1 & #2 - those are exactly opposite of the symptomology that is listed in every modern CH taxonomy I've ever seen

1. attacks last all day sometimes
2. you feel like lying quietly in dark place
3. you get sick to your stomach

those DO sound like classic migraine symptoms - which used to be called "sick headache" BECAUSE of #2 & #3

you'd better do some serious research along that line of inquiry
try web searches using this syntax:
< "migraine" + "symptoms" >

"cluster migraine" is an old synonym for "cluster headache (CH)", from when the docs believed it WAS some kind of migraine

most medical books/articles about a particular disease include a section on the HISTORY of understanding of that disease, including past and present synonyms, and OFTEN list old misunderstandings for perspective purposes - sometimes magazine & webpage writers get confused about what the intent of the inclusion is, when using the med articles as sources

the VERY big difference between CH and the migraine group of ailments has been well-established fquite a while now-
some docs haven't caught up, and think that any severe headache that repeats is a "cluster headache", and the can sometimes be INCREDIBLY arrogant about it -

I once had a young ER resident go absolutely livid because he told me I couldn't possibly have CH, and I told him that I had been diagnosed absolutely, by several neurologists and 2 major headache clinics, during the preceding 20 years -
he gave me the whole "who's the DR here" routine, which probably helped his ego, but he STILL didn't know shit about CH;

on TV, the "ER" docs always seem to know everything, and the patients always seem to know nothing - don't count on real life playing out that way ! do your own homework !

for your sake, I suggest again you read & follow the suggestions in my earleir post, in the "new CM'er" topic thread a little way down the page-

it won't do anybody any good to try remedies for measles if they've got the mumps

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