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Posted by Marshall ( on November 18, 1999 at 00:37:14:

In Reply to: Tell me more posted by Flash on November 17, 1999 at 11:44:06:

1. I have CH on average once a year starting around Halloween and lasting until about X-mas. I have about 1 to 3 a day (sometimes more).
2. Unmedicated, the headaches last about one hour (possibly more or less), medicated with IMitrex they last about 20 minutes or MORE.
3. I started doing LSD a little more than three years ago and have eaten it over 50 times. So, I guess I trip a lot... I use it in spurts: if I have it I do it about every weekend until I run out, perhaps more if I have a big test coming up (it helps me study and retain information). BUT, I have been dry for a couple of months at a time. So to average it out, I guess I would say (52 weeks times 3 years plus 12 weeks divided by 50 times equals) once every 3.5 weeks.
4. All my mushrooms were psiloybin mushrooms... They have all been the same type of mushroom and as far as I know, they have all been psilocybin.
5. I have only eaten mushrooms about 8 or 9 times in the past 2 and one half years (last time was in Feb. of this year). Not frequent at all.
6. I have eaten as little as one hit of LSD and as many as 7 hits of LSD with an average of 2 per trip. I have done one quater ounce of mushrooms only one time, and the other times it has been just one eighth of an ounce.
7. I had my first cluster episode 9 years ago. Any time that I enter my episodes, I stop eating any and all hallucinogens EXCEPT for ONE time I ate an eighth of mushrooms but I did not get a headhache... I did however get one the next day right on schedule. I wish I had more data to share with you but I just do not.

8. Now to explain the headache that I had while on LSD. I ate (orally) one hit of white blotter (standard LSD on a paper square) at 8:00 pm to study for a history test I had the next morning at 9:30 am. At midnight I smoked some marijuana to pick up the pace of the LSD as I was getting sleepy, which just does not happen (or shouldn't) on LSD. 10 minutes later I had a slight headache behind my left eye (all my clusters come behind my RIGHT eye). I slowly began to get very uncomfortable as the headache increased in power, due mostly (I think) to the fact that I was fearing it. Fear is a very large and powerful emotion on LSD and should not be experienced. Eventually I was lying in my bed so I wouldn't hurt myself (by falling or something) as the headache was so painful. THe pain turned into a buring sensation all over my entire body... it actually felt like flames burning my skin away. I was experiencing fantastic and uncontrollable visuals as real as any object I can now touch (except that I couldn't touch them). BUT, the whole time I told myself that I would be done freaking out in exactly 2 hours fromthe time I started to (so at 2 am). The headache lasted the whole time, and only worsened as time went on. I did keep complete control of my mental abilities, but I was scared to death of everything and anything, and the headache persisted. Finally, at about 2:00 am, it all slowly went away, including the headache, leading me to believe that the headahce was completely a mental phenomenon. I proceeded to study for the rest of the night as the trip lasted well until about 6:00 am. By the way, I recieved a 96 percent on my test... haha!!

This experience taught me that if a small little headache can turn into that while on LSD, a migraine could conceivably cripple my brain. It isn't worth the risk as far as I am concerned.

I hope I answered all of your questions. Thanks and L8rz

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