Why I don't like DJ and (MB sound effects).

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Posted by drummer ( on November 20, 1999 at 06:32:06:

I’m sure that it’s obvious to everyone why I don’t like DJ, so I’ll explain my message board “sound effects” first.

One of the “sound effects” I make when I’m sitting alone at my computer is this, “(OOOOO-YEP-UH-HUH)”. This is the sound I make when I have experienced the EXACT same thing as the writer of a post. I will often shake my head up and down when I make this sound. On occasion I have followed this sound effect with a, “ME TOO”. I consider this to be a “happy sound”. I feel less alone with my chronic Cluster Headache condition when I’m making this sound. I have often made this sound over the past year or so when sitting alone at my computer.

Another sound that I make at my computer is this, “(PPPPFFFFFTTTT)”. This is a “farting” sound. Normally I make a “farting” sound with my butt. Unfortunately, I cannot always fart on command. So, I resort to making a “farting” noise with my mouth. I do this by sticking my tongue out through my pressed lips and blowing really, really hard. My six-year-old daughter told me that she knows a young boy in school who can make “farting” noises with his hand inside his armpit. I told her that it seemed to me that this young boy was quite talented. Anyway, I make this sound effect if I disagree with the writer of a post or if I just feel like making a “farting” noise. I’ve decided that this is how I’m going to respond to any negative E-mails that I get from now on too. “Ya-hoo”!

“(YA-HOO)” is a noise I make when I see a post from someone who hasn’t posted in quite some time OR when someone has posted that he/she has gone into remission. I have a great deal of respect for the people that “stick around” the message board when in remission. I say “Ya-hoo” twice for these people and do a little “computer dance” for them. Sometimes I just say “Ya-hoo” because I feel like it. “Ya-hoo”! Sorry, I felt like that.

I haven’t posted to the message board in a while because I have had absolutely nothing to say about anything. I’m afraid that I still have absolutely nothing to say about anything. So, I guess I should be going.

Oh yeah; before I go I should probably explain the whole, “why I don't like DJ thingy”. I don’t like DJ because he has made me addicted to CH.com and he is solely responsible for the weird noises and sounds that I make at my computer. (I never acted like this before). My wife and children don’t look at me the same way anymore. It was bad enough the looks they gave me when in the throws of a Cluster attack. (What with the snot pouring out of my left nostril and my left eye swollen shut and flailing about the house and everything). So as you can see, DJ has obviously ruined my life. I have no choice but to dislike DJ.

To DJ and everyone else: (OOOOO-YEP-UH-HUH), (PPPPFFFFFTTTT) and (YA-HOO)!
"Thanks dude" -;)

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