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Posted by Buddy Walker ( on November 23, 1999 at 06:39:06:

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Hi kids.. I may not be the most intellectually gifted guy, but I believe, little by little, one
CH after another, one medicine to six, ...How many marbles do we start with? Not lost, perhaps just misplaced? I'm not the groovey guy, fairly
witty I was, and I generally don't seem to have my shit half way together.. Ch's wearing me, out ...I'm afraid I'm
losing a few marbles, but I don't know how many there were to begin with, Thus, I don't know how many
I can afford to lose... Lithium, Prozac, Atenol, Verap..,Indocin, Blah blah, Yadee Yadee,
Shoot yourself! Just recovering from another battle with the Beast. Showered, fetal
position, scalding water strategically aimed at sites , to move the pain from behind the r
eye. Until the pre-scald point when it's time to find another place on myself... I start with
a place farthest away from my head, at first.... when the pain covers me up I use spots too
close at times... Sorry, I'm still a little dingy, the wife, insisted on Me using Imetrix,
so's I can shoot myself,( Man, I love her!)It's possible she's getting too tired of beating
my head on the dash of the truck on the way back to the ER...Wait, Driving, under extreme
curcumstances at @ to 4 in the morning...Selff shooter, The trusty injection,Imetrix, When,
nothing else works before ER trip which may help others to
move the pain, even for a couple of seconds....Use caution, bruising and burns of various
At times, this IS the slow, painfull way to die. May the force be with you, and I'm still
alive to combat this Bastard, standing or thrashing, as we unite! Any ideas? From one of
us, Buddy....~S~

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