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Posted by Ted ( on November 23, 1999 at 17:37:14:

In Reply to: That was my point... posted by Bill McC on November 22, 1999 at 00:21:22:

But failed. OK. Here's the real truth about CHs. They don't really exist. It's all part of a governmental experiment. They, when we were much younger, kidnapped us and brainwashed us into imagining that we are suffering great deals of pain. But it's really nothing more then a post-hypnotic suggestion. I get my information from a guy named Charlie, who wears dark sunglasses, a tan raincoat and always carries a rolled-up newspaper. He works for the CIA. He also informed me that since, as was suggested in previous posts, it was the US government's doing, all those from foreign countries that claim to have CHs are really our gov't agents who are trying to deflect the thoughts that would obviously spring up if it was discovered that only Americans get them or are supporters (I think that you have now been "outed" Margi and Mike, Riccardo, Ueli, etc ...). Also, Dr. Goadsby isn't even a real person, but rather a code term that I can't divulge for what without fearing for my own safety. And the fact that Gary has books pre-dating the experiments origin that discusses CHs in one form or other? Well, they fooled him. Those books were actually written in 1959 and put through an aging process that made them look and appear to be that old. And why is the gov't experimenting in this way? Mainly for the same reason that they invented the hiccups and infected the world population with them. To fight off the annual landings in Arizona of those folks from outer space.

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