Happy Thanksgiving

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Posted by Todd ( on November 24, 1999 at 21:18:22:

Those of you who have seen me post in the past may recall that I’m an agnostic. That means my mind is still open on the whole religious subject.

As I was reflecting upon tomorrow’s American holiday of Thanksgiving, it occurred to me that this too has its roots in a religious ceremony. The Pilgrims, primarily religious emigrants, were giving thanks to the Lord (and the Native Americans) for carrying them through the trials of the preceding year.

As most of us sit with our families and loved ones today, feasting on bountiful food and watching endless football games, it might be appropriate to reflect upon all those things we each have to be thankful for. Choose to thank a supreme being, fate, luck or whatever works for you, but take the time to say “Thank You”.

Thank you for ch.com. For DJ creating it. For everyone finding it. For the posters, the visitors, the lurkers, the supporters, the dissenters. Most of all for the sense of ‘home’ it provides us.

Thank you for the periods of remission. Some are months, even years, long. Some only have a few hours each day. But each of us has times when the demon is cast out and we have blessed relief.

Thank you for finally giving Carld some relief. Thank you for every one of us who has a cycle end. Thank you for people like Dr. Goadsby and DocGreg, who work to find answers, or even just new questions to ask.

Thank you for the garygs and bobps and michells and all the others who probe and research and think and try.

Thank you for the bernie’s and karla’s and all the others who cause us to think about our beliefs, without forcing theirs on us.

Thank you for everyone who is working to make OUCH and the Convention happen.

Thank you for this Internet, which allows hundreds of us from all around the world to meet, to share, to cry, to rejoice, to become a community bound by not just our shared affliction, but also by the friendships that develop.

And thank you for bringing Elaine back to us. Thank you for choosing Elaine to remind us that medical science isn’t perfect. That GOOD, as well as bad, surprises lurk behind nearly every door.

KTSSU, and all my best wishes for a happy holiday for you and yours.

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