seriously flawed thinking - you're embarassing yourself

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Posted by gary g ( on November 28, 1999 at 00:22:12:

In Reply to: Maxalt for Chronic CH , 100% solution posted by David on November 27, 1999 at 14:33:53:

not only is your CH thinking pretty lame, BUT you aren't even very literate,
and the result is you are severely embarassing yourself-
an "idiot" is not necessarily stupid, you realize, but by definition is someone so seriously self-centered that they don't even realize the rest of the world exists, or believe it is defined by their perception of it - thus rendering anything they DO know useless TO the world and the other folks in it (there ARE a few billion of us around besides you, ya know)
(comes from the psych term "id", the self)
(thus my grandfather's constant references to "educated idiots")

and by that definition...........your mirror must get quite a workout, because you sure ain't paying attention to the rest of the world !
it's nice you are satisfied with the results you get from Maxalt
you ain't the only fish in the whole goddam sea, and YOUR case does not define cluster headache

astonishing revelation, eh ?

in fact there are a few remedies whose afficionados report the same results you are reporting from Maxalt
but then, that isn't you, so you wouldn't be interested...........
check the "cluster survey", thru the link at left of screen, to see the various therapies "rated" by over 2000 CH patients as to effectiveness

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