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Posted by gary ( on December 05, 1999 at 12:46:15:

In Reply to: Good morning posted by Susan on December 05, 1999 at 08:24:12:

Susan -

please understand
for everyone who BELIEVES public communal prayer is very important,

there is somebody else EVERY BIT AS SPIRITUALLY INCLINED who believes just the opposite - that spirituality is a very very private thing, and is denigrated and trivialized by public ritual
(don't pray on street corners and all that)

you have every right to pray anytime and anywhere you wish
I have every right not to be subjected to behavior that I feel is inappropriate and extremely disrespectful of others' feelings and spiritual beliefs

way too many public prayer type folks JUST DON'T GET IT-
when you so energetically urge YOUR prayers and religion on me, you are saying that MY spiritual beliefs and practices are insufficient or nonexistant, and I need your ministering

we sometimes discuss bringing a spiritual component into our dealings with CH
that's a whole different matter -

you and I may share an interest in SPIRITUALITY
but I guarantee you we have very different RELIGIOUS beliefs

If you don't understand THAT
I suggest you don't have a very firm handle on either

a suggested solution:

when anybody feels the need to "pray" on the board
but put "religious" or "prayer" in the subject line so the rest of us can skip it !

and to SUSAN
PLEASE learn how to properly use the subject line - its purpose is to let people know what the nature of the post is - perhaps you wouldn't get such criticism if you did that

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