Damn did I do all this!

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Posted by Ralphyboy ( on December 06, 1999 at 01:59:16:

I didn't know my post was going to cause all this! WOW please all read this post twice before posting to it. I want to start by saying I came here because I was told I had cluster by my doctor. Todd pointed out that
when we come to this site we should read as much information as we can before we post. Todd was right. If I had, I would have known the doctor was wrong. There is no way that I have clusters. Until I found this site I didn't know anything about clusters only what my doctor told me and that was not much. Tomorrow I will be finding a new doctor that's for sure. I do not want to be treated for something I do not have. I want to know whats wrong with me and I want to be treated for that. I have spent today printing out all kinds of information to take to my next doctor. I am glad that Margi, Doug, Elaine, Bob P., Ted, and others had the balls to tell me they did not think I had clusters. I thank you all. I will let you all know what the doctor
tells me. Margi I see why DJ loves you. Hub your post was great today. DJ thank you for doing such a fine job with this site. You have some good people who know what they are talking about and they have the balls to keep the board as you wanted it. I know you are proud of them.
Now I see prayer has also been brought up. I am sorry I did think it was being turned into a prayer group, I was just trying to be nice. But my opinion as an outsider is it should not be on this board, its a turn off. It almost kept me from posting. See I go to church to learn about God. I came here to learn about clusters. I never could stand those people that stop me on the street or come to my door and ask if I have been saved and to tell me they want to pray for me. How would those people like it if someone stoped them on the street or went to there door and said "Hi I am a devil worshiper and would like to know if you gave your soul to the devil if not now is the time." Then they start chanting. I bet they would slam the door in their face and lock it. I think Elaine is right keep your prayers and beliefs to email. It does not belong on the board. You have been told it offends people. That should be enough to make you stop.
One last thing new people you should not come to the board and post like there is no tomorrow. Please don't belittle people that were already here because they made the board there home long before you came. You new people should respect them for this. You have entered their home. If they came into your home and started changing things and being rude, I am sure you would show them the door. They have every right to do this. Just as you would. Sonnie take a hint from these people and take a hike! There is no nice way to tell you! They have been trying all day and its your own fault. You have been all over the board and its plain
you just want to start trouble.
A pain free day to you all.

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