A Visit From The Beast

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Posted by Kathy Montoya ( on December 08, 1999 at 13:38:30:

I go to sleep afraid, knowing of my inevitable fate.
He's out there prowling in the shadows. I can feel his presence, like a sixth sense.

My spirit comes rushing back from its playful dance in my dreams as I feel his sadistic breath on my face.
I awake to his flirting, feeling his gift of raw fear and knowing he's come back to perform his second assault.

As I realize it is him, the attack begins. I run for ammunition, knowing that it will do no good, but hoping it will at least hinder his efforts.

He begins to inject his venom of fire water into my temple and hellaciously laughs as he watches me begin to squirm.

He calls upon his little demons and commands them to begin their nightly ritual on me. I begin to moan as they start softly and slowly hammering their blistering hot nails into my head. The force of their slams and jabs get stronger and stronger until I fall to my knees in pain as the Beast relentlessly begins to wring my neck and face.

The venom of fire water seems to melt my eye and I cry hot tears of blood as I scream for God to help me.

"Oh God, please help me! Make it go away! He teases me with thoughts of suicide! God help me!"

But God never answers me and so I give up and find the wall.

The Beast knows he has won and gives a sickning grin as he watches me slam my head against the wall over and over and over...He has succeeded in making me go mad.

My spirit has fled the vicious rape against it as I violently thrash my body back and forth, crying these tears of hot blood...feeling helpless...hopeless.

His venom slowly wears off and I begin to feel numb and cold. He knows he has no choice but to go and get some more. So he calls off his demons and he leaves as he came, slowly and tenaciously, and kisses my right temple before stepping back into the shadow.

My shaken spirit returns and I begin to breath again.

Exhaustion sends me reluctantly back to bed, knowing that my choice of slumber is the Beast's ticket back into my bedroom.

Kathy Montoya

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