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Posted by Ted ( on December 08, 1999 at 18:37:45:

In Reply to: Good input all posted by Todd on December 08, 1999 at 17:59:56:

Todd, when it comes to getting something from someone I am quite diplomatic. However, in getting better help for my CHs, that has gotten me nowhere. Although, I don't plan on changing the use of tact with my docs because becoming beligerant and argumentative would only produce negative results. However, the suggestions that were made by you, drummer and bobp were good ones, you've described precisely how I do act with my drs. Not the coming off as educated on the matter because I really didn't start researching these things until after my last dr. visit. I think that you 3 are just lucky. I mean, look outside of the cluster arena to see what I'm talking a bit better. One of the highest causes of death in this country is dr. errors, killing 100,000 p/year. Look at the multitudes of complaints from the non or wrong-treatments given to patients throughout the country. The misdiagnoses on myriad of ailments. This is why the US has become up-in-arms concerning the med field and the insurance companies.
Yes, I agree. We need to get ourselves educated on CHs and teach our doctors. What I don't agree with is that we should have to. I've seen drs come to this board seeking info and asking for help. THAT is what should be happening. That they do the research. When I need a lawyer, I expect him or her to research precedents and not expect me to do it so I can teach him in our next meeting. And what do I think was the downfall in the med community? Managed care. Drs who were told to use the cheapest treatment even if it's the least effective. And Drs who took bonuses for doing such. The fact that the HMOs refuse certain treatments is a whole other tangent for me, but that too plays a large role.
This issue obviously can get me passionate in discussion, but I better stop here since this is merely stating my views and not addressing anything that can help anyone.

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