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Posted by Paul Kwo ( on December 09, 1999 at 12:55:41:

In Reply to: Need Help/Info for Child (10) - first cluster posted by Marianne Q. T. on December 09, 1999 at 07:43:42:

I too have a son who likely has cluster headaches, in fact, I posted here about this several days ago and I appreciate everyone's comments. Something that may help your son immediately is Claritin Reditabs. These are 10 mg tablets that dissolve under your tongue. Several people here including myself have noticed that Claritin, a non-sedating antihistamine is beneficial in getting rid of clusters and preventing them. When my son recently had his second cluster headache, I gave him a Claritin and the headache resolved within fifteen minutes. You may already know that cluster headaches used to be called histamine headaches and that histamine desensitization used to be a major treatment for clusters until Imitrex and other drugs came along. It is certainly worth trying and the side effect profile is completely benign. Another drug that may be beneficial at his age is low dose verapamil though I have not researched this sufficiently for safety in children.
I have been a big believer in the candida connection and have left several long posts at this site but briefly, I have managed to stop my cluster headaches with three different anti-fungal medicines over the past several years. I stay on nystatin tablets, a non-absorbable anti-fungal agent on a daily basis to keep the candida in my gastrointestinal tract at a relatively low-level. Is candida the answer for everyone? Unfortunately, I think not. As I indicated in my post several days ago, I believe that those of us with cluster headaches are pre-disposed to getting clusters, it is a matter of being exposed to the correct trigger, be it the environment (weather or daylight), be it an infection (candida, or other viral infection which weakens the immune system, or a course of antibiotics which increases your gut candida due to elimination of the normal bacteria which keep candida in check), or be it physical (trauma, surgery with general anesthesia etc.). My strategy to avoid clusters has been to try to avoid triggers. Consequently, I have eliminated sugar as much as is realistically possible. For the record when I eat desserts that are high in sugar, if I eat pizza (which as you know is full of yeast in the dough), I precipitate shadows within 24 hours. I would try to have your son avoid sugar, again, as much as is realistically possible. There is also a nystatin powder which I have never tried nor have I given to my son, however it is completely benign and may be beneficial. If the Claritin does not keep them away, I will not hesitate to use it in my own son. Having an oxygen tank around may also help, and if he gets better, I thinks the diagnosis of clusters has been made. I hope these comments are helpful.

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