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Posted by pat jasper ( on December 13, 1999 at 06:46:49:

was recently watching a X-FILES rerun with my family. sat down to the show with a shadow.
i figured i might as well have some entertainment with
my pain thank you very much!the show started with a
police pursuit. ok, my kind of work,i like this. the
pursuit terminates and the HOSTAGE in the back seat
[later found out to be the suspects wife] gets removed from the suspect vehicle
and placed into the back of a police unit. cool, another happy customer.
seems she had a bit of a headache. her head then explodes. WOW, i can identify with that
! being in law enforcement my first thought is that
some poor cop has just AD,D[ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE]i think to myself,that dude is gonna buy
some days off, meanwhile my shadow is gone, the monster
has arrived. then i think,well, if its ch, she found a gun in the back of
the unit and did what ive thought of a few million times before.
at this time my wife looks at me with the red orb of
death glowing in my right eye and she knows. i sheepishly grin and say ,yea, enough said
she has delt with the last cycle for 3 months now.
the show progresses, ok i have a police pursuit,cool,,
a ch sufferer on the show,cool, i have a bomb going off in my head, but at least
we sufferers are getting a little media attention.
im kinda happy though cuz now if someone asks me
what it feels like, i can tell them to watch the
x-files show,pictures just do better then words!
the show progresses just like my headache, people explode,
dogs explode,birds pop, one big ch happy world!im now thoroughly enjoying the
show, hahhaha, a little revenge for those that DID NOT
BELIEVE ends up that scully may have a cure for the mystery
ch. a big HUGE needle in the ear. been there thought that haha.
FAILURE..dudes head exploded before she could attempt
EPILOGUE: seems the us navy was doing some radio experiments...
very low frequency radio stuff to talk with
underwater subs.
i decided to post this after waking up to the sound of ch..
my attack is over.posting this seems to have helped a bit
,at least gave me something to do,other then accelerate my head
through the wall.
guess ill get on the ham radio now like ive done for the last
16 years. hahahahaha,weird episode,,pat,wr6s,73.
[anyone see that show?]

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