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Posted by Ueli ( on December 13, 1999 at 21:09:00:

In Reply to: Dietary Triggers posted by Nanci O'Sullivan on December 13, 1999 at 10:34:15:

Most of the 'triggers' listed in this thread up to now are the classical migraine triggers, copied since Adam and Eve to every other migraine site/book/panphlet, without giving much thought about the inconsistencies it contains.

A few examples:

Protein rich foods:
Why only red meat and not white meat (fish, poultry) also? They contain about the same amount of proteins, so if only red meat is a trigger it cannot be the proteins (as a class) but only one (or a few) very specific protein (which I ask the compiler of such lists to name, please).
Why does baking beans turn them into triggers, but apparently not cooking them?

If this is a trigger, then why mention chocolate separately?
BTW: I am reading CHMB now for 10 month, and there have been very few (if any) that
convincingly claimed caffeine as a trigger. On the other hand many report that a strong coffee helps in fighting a CH attack and promotes the uptake of medicines.

If it's recommended to avoid MSG why mention separately some foods, like hot dogs, pastry, gravy? And who at this time of the millennium does make gravy from scratch. A prefabricated product is bought and improved on at the best, and the main ingredients in these little bags is what? - MSG !!!
Many hard cheeses do develop MSG as they ripen.


Life is hard enough with CH, don't make it any harder by following some obscure, catch-all lists, thrown together for an entirely different malady. Instead, do some careful observations about what might be a trigger for you, and don't make a statistics out of one case!

The main triggers to look out are probably:

Probably every CHead knows if this is a trigger for him or not.

This poison is contained in the larger part of all prefabricated and packaged food and food supplements. If you suspect to be sensitive to it, watch out for out-of-schedule attacks, shortly after a meal, look if some attacks are skipped after a guaranteed MSG-free meal. Try if you can, trace back to the food containing MSG. Keeping a diary may help in this pursuit.
In my case: MSG triggered attacks are much longer than 'regular' ones (1 - 2 hours against 15 - 20 minutes) and build up and decay of the pain are slow (against a very fast raise and abrupt end for 'regulars').

Added often to meat products. They may be a CH trigger too for some.

Is contained in nuts, could be a trigger for some.


Wishing all much luck in trigger hunting,


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