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Posted by Riccardo ( on December 23, 1999 at 03:30:04:

Nine months are passed from my first post on the board.
At start I never thought i will connect every day to this: my cycle was so far (12 months) and i'm normally bored from these CHATs, 'cause to many stupids on the WEB.

My english is not too good [ :) ], and why the heck have I to write every day to other people that don't speak my mother tongue?
Nine months are passed, and I'm still here. Other nine months without CH, and I'm still here, to hear a lot of people that suffer, shout, cry, be mad with other, make jokes, and so on.

Nine months to explain (and try to understand) my thoughts to you, in a stranger tongue.
In these nine months I have known many people here, I have seen their pictures (only few, but how beautiful is to see the person you are speaking with...), I have spoken of CH, other pains, family and friends problems, big and little misunderstanding, changing of roles in the "head(ache)quarters".

Nine months to know (or to imagine to know) the paranoid reactions of some of you, the excesses of religion, atheism, agnosticism. The excesses of criticism, jokes, of putting the nose in other family affairs. The excesses of help, love, kindness.

Nine months and then...Christmas and a New Millennium. Oh God, and I'm still here, I love these men, women, freaks, sufferers, supporters! I love like my family. I feel me at home when I'm on-line on this board. And after these nine months I want to tell you how I love this family: DJ, that put all this on-line, and adds many things every day, plus his patience; Drummer and his Hummmmms, his "knocking" answers (many months to understand he is not continuously angry!!) ; the guitarist FREEK, and his jokes, although his chronic loss of rest, Bob Kipple, the ladder, oops scale man (scale means ladders in italian!); the farting Hub and Bob, clowns on the board; Margi the Supporter, with S in capital letters (but sometimes I dream of she with two balloons in the hands, Rah, Rah Rah....!!); Elaine the Capatosta, not too tall, but so tall in kindness and compassion; Claudette, my pictures agent, that I pay in Italian lessons...;UELI the Swiss Clock that shows always the right hour; Angela, with her angel smile; Amanda and Todd, the half italian side; and the "new entries" Susan, Jonny, Mr Wizer, Tim, Sonnie; and the whole board (forgive me, I have surely forgotten many friend names here, but I cannot forget you all in my thoughts)

I want to say thanks for all what you have done and still do here, thanks for the happiness, the riots, the jokes, the medical tips, the support, the care, the compassion. We share the hate for the Beast, we are scared from IT, but we have created a fantastic and crowded family, that is making the last step to the next Millennium. Thanks again DJ, all this is possible only for your ideas and works. Thanks to the Beast too, I have meet many exceptional women and men here.

Wow, too much english for me now, i will send a gift to those will read all this trash. But this is trash only in the english form. These are my real thoughts about you, and I want to share my happiness with you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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