A little visit to the ER this morning.... (oh, joy...)

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Posted by Terri ( on December 30, 1999 at 21:06:17:

Hello everyone - thank you to you all that emailed me personally to encourage me. You may or may not realize how comforting it is to know that you're not alone in this nightmare cycle of ha's. What makes it doubly difficult is that I've moved 500 miles from "home" and my med. insurance is no good here! So I've been scrimping and saving all my meds until I can get my California Dr. to do an insurance override for my Imitrex. Well, this morning I ran out....

I woke up with a ha at 5:45am (guess my head decided I wasn't gonna sleep in) and the pain progressively got to about an 8-9 when my Mom (whom I'm living with while I go through divorce) decided she'd had enough watching me suffer and had to do SOMETHING. We went to the ER (insurance wouldn't cover my pills, so now they can pay for an ER visit - makes lots of sense, huh?) this morning and after; 1 shot of morphine, 1 shot of something for nausea, a dixie cup of Milanta (more nausea), blood taken, 1 more shot of morphine, a shot of ? to counter-act the morphine 'cause I guess I'm alergic to it and thought I was gonna die, then one final shot of who-knows-what that was supposed to stop the ch and keep it gone awhile and 1/2 hour of oxygen I finally made it home! Ha is gone, and the ER Doc put me on 9 days of Prednisone until I can reach my California Dr. and gave me a Rx for Hydrocodone for pain (hope it's not like codein - it gives me a ha, and I DON'T need any help there!!).
I just want to be able to enjoy New Year's Eve and my birthday (30 on the 4th!) without having to worry about this demon ruining my good time!
If any of you have had this treatment let me know how effective it is... I SO hope it works, I've really just about had it! But my gut tells me that my once regular 1x/day ha's that have now turned to irregular few x's/day sporatic, lasting longer, more pain could mean that my cycle is ending... What do you think??

Keeping up the hope,


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