I am not going to respond because .......

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Posted by Jack Boyd ( on January 02, 19100 at 10:43:11:

In Reply to: Another SIMPLE question. (grin) posted by drummer on January 02, 19100 at 09:51:08:

when I do respond to your quesions I end up feeling very cheap - manipulated and used

but I will make one point ( well maybe 2 points )that I think are germane.

You have probably heard me say this before:

1) Cause and effect is very, very difficult to prove. I will give you an example. Like you I once was convinced that my cluster cycle was brought on by a cold. This was before I had been diagnosed with clusters. My Dr. told me I had a sinus infection. In my early 20s I got lots of colds. I was good for 2 or 3 a year. I get a lot fewer now because we do build immunity over time but back then, 2 or 3 a year. So in my small, illogical mind I convinced myself that the cold virus was simply embedding itself in my sinus cavity. WRONG but seemed pretty logical at the time.

2) the cause of clusters is real DEEP. What I mean by the use of this very scientific and precise word DEEP is that the cause is not near the surface of our biology. It is not caused by a virus, stress, candida, diet, head trauma, etc. It is DEEP and maybe primeval. We are hard wired for clusters. It could lie deep in the bowels of our hypothalamus. There is lots of evidence for the DEEP theory. Clusters only respond to heavy duty, powerful medications, they do not ( unlike other types of headache ) respond to biofeedback . The hypothalamus is, I believe primordial. It is real basic, in fact you can’t get any more basic than the hypothalamus. I believe that the hypothalamus regulates all of our most basic functions. Websters says that the hypothalamus “ is “ the organ BELOW the brain, controlling body temperature.” One last stupid thought. When I am in a cluster cycle and I use a prophylactic such as verapamil that actually works, I still have clusters. My system is still screwed up, I know it, I can feel it and the drug is only preventing me from feeling the pain.

This I believe. The gospel according to Boyd.

I feel so cheap.

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