Infuriated by Rod.... I like to offer my response

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Posted by Piroska ( on January 04, 2000 at 03:40:03:

Greetings everyone!
I landed on this board by accident, researching something else. This was about 2 weeks ago. I have revisited the board since then every day to read your posts. I kept on reading and reading in disbelieve
of what you all go through and the years you have suffered is mind boggling! I don't think I was ready to suggest any of my knowledge about migraines and possible causes, or remedies I know of from my practice, until I read the post from Rod Perry. In all my life I may have had 4-5 times a mild headache!
In no way shape or form I could began to imagine what must you all endure in your life. But let me say this ............. if I had a possible 'Treatment' or a simple answer to this problem I could not imagine not heralding it to you all to except or reject, to try & discuss freely amongst you! So, reading the taunting words of Rod, - being someone who suffers from this himself- I find infuriating & his reasoning of 'controlling the exposure' questionable! - to say the least.
Before I share with you all the little that I know about this, I like to invite 2-3 individuals who live in or near Vancouver for 7 free consecutive bodywork/ craniosacral therapy each lasting 90 to 120 minutes. If this prove to be beneficial,- as I'm sure he or she will share with you their experience- you may be able to look for a practitioners in your area.

Connective tissue therapies such as Myofascal Release, Unwinding, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Heller Work etc. combined with energy therapies, can improve severe migraine headaches in average 80% by addressing fascial restrictions throughout the body.
Physical trauma, bacterial, viral, chemical or parasitic presence as well as strong emotinal impact can cause a tightening of the fascial tissue creating lines of tension (restrictions), impeding natural flow and function. Fascia has a strong elastic component covering us head to toe, lying just beneath the skin, and surrounds every muscle, organ, blood vessel, nerve and bone. In the deepest level, it lines the vertebral canal and cranium, where it separates to form the falx cerebri, falx cerebelli and tentorium arround the brain. This deepest layer called the Dural Tube, houses the central nervous system and brain in the cerebral spinal fluid. This system can be palpated as it has its own rhythm, the craniosacral rhythm like breathing or a heartbeat, therefore an assessment can be made of its condition. Restrictions in one area can cause pain in another. Restriction in the pelvic region can directly effect the function of the craniosacral system as the dural tube attaches at the sacrum and the cranium.

Combination of the mentioned therapies are required to treat the body effectively. Becoming a detective, in a way to find what is our body trying to tell us. Is it chemical, diet or other? Touch for health, or other specialized branch of kinesiology, can communicate effectively with our bodies in order to find effective solutions. In my experience there has never been 2 identical solutions or causes.

Dental work can also be a culprit in sensitive individuals, or those who hold tension in their jaw .

The real magic happens when we are able to release tissue memories, the emotional pain held in the body, which has been walled off and begun to manifest as physical pain. This is the reason why structural work on its own sometimes won't hold. The emotions are trapped in the prison of flesh -sometimes from childhood- waiting to be processed, screaming for attention.

The human body is amazing! I see it as intelligent, aware and responsive. Given half the chance it can repair itself and maintain optimum health.
We can use essences Bach or other, colloidal silver, papain enzime, juce cleanses .....etc. for internal help. Other tools may include, consulting a Medical Intuitive, One Brain (specialized kinesiology), Awareness Release (energetic dialogue), Somato Emotinal Release (also dialogue) or the above mentioned bodywork therapies.
As the restriction released , fibres rearrange and the electromagnetic flow re- establish within the tissue, we experience deep relaxation and sweet surrender into the wisdom of our bodies.

This is a process, Not a quick fix, but it has potential for freedom from pain for good.
I like to recommend some books: Embracing ourselves by Hal & Sidra Stone and Your inner physician and you by John Upledger DO. Also Spontaneous healing By Dr. Andrew Weil or if you can order his video would be even better. Caroline Myss a medical intuitive her books and tapes and videotapes are all a true eye opener.
If anyone would like to take me up on my offer, let me know. My love to all of you, Piroska

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