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Posted by Carl D ( on January 05, 2000 at 00:45:39:

I am soooooo mad. I just typed out my post and when I hit post, I went back made a correction and then POOF...It was gone and all of my typed work was bye bye. Has this happened to anyone else? Second time for me....anyway....

I haven't been online for awhile. I see Waterdog went away, a scam artist came out to play, and poor ole Jonny got Flambasted for mentioning a glass of bubbly on New Years...

I don't drink very often. I know it triggers CH. I also didn't need Nostradamus by my side to tell me if I would get a CH or not. I knew whether I drank or not - I would get a CH. I went on an invite to see a good friend of mines band play a blowout.Lets just say at ten seconds to midnight I had a bottle of bubbly in each hand and had a whirl of a smashing good time. Of course by 1:30am I was out back, grappling with my head, cursing and rocking back and forth. It was worth it. I had a good time for a change and 19100 only comes once, er...I mean 2000!!! Now my goal is to be able to say "I havent touched alcohol since the turn of the century." I just think that sounds cool. Kinda like " I haven't had to hide any bodies since the turn of the century."

Now this Sod guy, er I mean Rod, He isn't a very nice guy is he? He say "Thank DJ for your clusters"? Like it is somehow DJ's fault? I'm sorry, I musta missed out the day they played "lets blame someone else for something nobody has control over." I Thank DJ for creating this site where I can meet others who suffer with the same ailment I do, whether they are Episodic or chronic - doesn't matter, they know how it feels.

Also, rest assured if I find something that works, I will not charge $10.00 a person to let you know what it is. That would be like charging your mother to show her affection. Thats like saying " ok Grandma, I'll rub some Icy Hot on your arthritic back, but only for twenty dollars." As far as I am concerned - that guy can go piss up a rope.
I have had people help me here, and they didn't charge me for it. I thought that was a part of humankindness, Help those you can and sympathize with those you cannot help. Ooooooh that just steams me!!!

I am still getting hit alot. For almost a week it seemed like I was getting them back to back, and you wanna talk about wanting to die - but I didn't. I made it. And though I still wake up freeking out as usual, I have actually got some sleep lately. Now if I could just crash for a month straight so my body can catch up. Can't complain though, after the massive sleep deprivation I've been through, It's like a dream to be able to sleep.

Been taking ERCAF again, but trying to be careful - though my toes are sleeping as I type. It is hard to deny yourself of something you know will take away the pain, yet you know may cause other problems. Feels kinda like I am living in a Stephen King movie.

Oh yeah, I am still working on "SNAPPED". It is about a guy who suffers with a rare condition called ClusterHeadaches. Ever heard of it? Anyway, the guy eventually loses it and holds his doctor hostage. It is kinda psycho, but hopefully will get some attention and alert the public to this very real disease. I am incorporating personal experience with fiction, and am hoping to be able to have it finished and printed before convention - though with no income I am not sure How to pull that one off. If I do, I will be selling it (though it may not cure everyone), and if you cant afford one - come sit at my table, we'll talk.

Seriously, it would be cool to find a publisher to just take it off of my hands for a modest amount and get my authorship underway - though don't look to me for intellectual stimulation and enlightenment, more kinda like mental masturbation.

Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying 2K. As far as I have seen, not one thing has changed except the date on the bills.

Carl D aka FREEK, aka Stomppoet, aka Shaft Magnet, aka Spanky, aka Dr Vinyl, aka Tha Rippa, aka Chuck Mansonite, aka Dweedle, aka Lars, aka Dude, aka.... Ok you get it. I have alot of nicknames - but you can call me Jay or you can call me Ray or you can call me...

Just call me FREEK.
peece out.

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