1/3 dose of Imitrex

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Posted by Dennis W ( on January 08, 2000 at 23:14:37:

In Reply to: Question for DJ and others who use a thired of Imitrex injection! posted by Elaine on January 08, 2000 at 22:15:23:

I have been proposing the one third experiment using the vials and regular syringes for some time on this site and have been successfully doing this myself the last three cycles. I usually get complete relief in 15-20 minutes, compared to near instant relief in 3 minutes with a full dose. Insurance hangups and number of rxs prescribed, not costs forced me to try this three years ago. I'm not rich, I would max a credit card to get Imitrex if I had to. The problem was the no. of rxs. But I digress, when I have had a real flurry and a third would not do it I would do another third. I guess Imitrex has spoiled me because I went 18 years -episodic- with virtually nothing. So now I don't mess around too long. When I am in a cycle I keep an accurate HONEST calender listing every ha and the amt of shot I took. I then keep a daily total.Every couple weeks I would show this to my doc -an internist- requesting my refill. Some days I would go a little over the two vial/24 hour limit, but some days I'm way under. The point is I was honest with him and he could see the no. of ha in a period and the way I try to manage the med. I don't think you are getting rebound with that low of a dose nor do I believe there is any immunity or resistance, some ha are just tougher to beat than others. I say this as a cher who has been doing this like I said three years with my docs support. Hope you and all can use this not only for RELIEF but for cost control, less med and until the insurance companies learn the diff between ch and migraine.

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