An open letter to Phil and Forum.

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Posted by drummer ( on January 09, 2000 at 08:22:38:

Hi Phil,

I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. It saddens me to read that you will not be posting for a very long time. I hope that maybe you will change your mind. I’m fairly certain that I am a human being. I’ve decided that everyone that posts to this message board is also a human being. I have decided that human beings sometimes make mistakes. YA-HOO !!!!!

I think that I have made 357,568,923 mistakes since I have been born. I will probably make a few more mistakes before I die. I agree that everyone has opinions. I have opinions too. I’m glad that DJ built this message board so we have a place to share our various opinions. Sometimes we share our opinions and make mistakes at the same time. YA-HOO !!!!!

I believe that it takes a lot of “guts” to post one’s opinion to this message board. It also takes a lot of “guts” to acknowledge when one makes a mistake. YA-HOO !!!!!

I believe that mistakes are a lot like farting. Sometimes my mistakes are really, really, really loud and smelly. Sometimes my mistakes are really, really, really smelly and don’t make any sound whatsoever. I’m not sure which mistake is worse. My wife calls the farts that don’t make any sound, but are really, really, really, smelly; “silent, but deadly” farts. Sometimes my mistakes make no sound and have no odor at all. YA-HOO !!!!!

I guess my point is this. As human beings all we can do when we make a mistake or when we fart is to simply say, “excuse me”. I’d like to add one more thing Phil. In keeping with my “thinking outside the box”. Perhaps you did not make a mistake. Perhaps what has been done will bring the human beings on this message board together. Perhaps it will be an opportunity for everyone to say:

Excuse Me

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