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Posted by gary ( on January 09, 2000 at 21:30:53:

Just read an earlier post by Jamy,
about how telling a strange ER doc about attempts to medicate a bad CH series backfired later, through the computer records in the hospitals-

gotta really think about those "know everything" medical/insurance databank systems

I just did a web search on Verapamil,
to get the mfrs' original data etc

was surprised - then dismayed as I thought about it - to find that most of the pages that came up in a Yahoo search on verapamil, were individual posts on CHMB in which the poster used the word

now, you cyberwhizzes are probably laughing at my naivite, - have a ball - but:

of course we know we're posting to something anybody can read,
and we're posting to a web site-
it never dawmned on me that we were actually creating a new web page (apparently) each time we posted

I guess I just never thought it thru as to how the CHMB works cyberlogictically, re: links, etc, even with Drummer's excellent tutelage-

SO - does anybody know FOR SURE if searches hit the title line only, or anything in the whole post ?

I know, already I'll bet-
what I've come to expect as trhe standard answer to my computer questions:
"it all depends"

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