No cure, but it helps...

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Posted by Russell ( on January 11, 2000 at 21:31:01:

In Reply to: Stadol posted by Jason on January 06, 2000 at 18:56:07:

Beware of long post:

I saw an NFL athlete with migraines using oxygen and some cocaine spray.
That's what I asked for.
I got oxygen and Stadol NS.

The oxygen cost me $240 a month.
The Stadol cost me $15 a bottle, I use one a month.

The oxygen has long been discontinued, it had little effect.

The Stadol doesn't kill all the pain all the time.
But it puts it in the background.
I save mine for night time, suplement it with an Imitrex injection, and try and relax.
Yeah, you can't kill the pain of the big boys, but bringing the pain down to a 3 or a 4 is a walk in the park compared to banging your head on the headboard.

Imitrex is a temporary one shot, one headache cure, limited to two shots a night, four a week.
I still got a headache.
I don't get demerol, percocet, elavil (I don't even know about this one), or anything stronger than darvoset other than Stadol NS.
So Stadol is it for me, I have a life now, and I'll fight for it.
But gently, so as not to piss the doc off.

I can see the addiction angle.
Yes, Stadol delivers a "buzz".
Some folks actually may not like the "buzz".
Alright, I like a "buzz", I won't lie.
I drink with the guys, I like to get a little tipsy from time to time.
Maybe my enjoyment of the side effect helps it to be more effective for me.

It's been two or three years with Stadol for me, at no more than one bottle a month, which I use over a five day period.
Yeah, I'm addicted.
Hell, yeah!
But because of my headaches.
Not because of some narcotic.
Who would want to go through the pain and suffering, when they've experienced some level of relief.

I doubt anyone is buying this, and I'll get hate mail for a week, but I am being "real".

I'm for trying new things, but when they don't work, I want known relief, now.

I didn't get my Stadol over Christmas and New Years.
I haven't had a bottle since.
For two weeks, 12/17 to 12/31, I suffered (wah, wah, wah).
The cycle is broken for now, but the 20th is approaching.
The doc and I had a heart to heart.
I got Caffergot and Imitrex tablets.
(Are these safe together? The Rx says so.)
We'll see...

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