you asked for honesty:

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Posted by gary ( on January 12, 2000 at 15:17:57:

In Reply to: What did he get? posted by Susan on January 12, 2000 at 11:51:14:

trying hard to do the live & let live thingies here on CHMB
but you asked for honesty:

been reading your posts for a long time
have quite a bit of experience with most of what you bring up, if not personally, then lots of working with people sharing those traits-

guess what -
quit smoking dope and quit blaming everybody & everything else for your problems,
and you just MIGHT start to feel like less of an outcast, that whole outcast business is completely voluntary and self-created - you're there because you want to be, as a result of your own choices, so quit your whining

i guarantee you it will help with your ability to deal with your CH- which is what CHMB is all about

if you won't take my word for it, start checking the various clinical and medical reference sites -
they're all adding on suggestions that CH patients strive for moderate, temperate lifestyles as part of a strategy to at least level out the problem a little

and guess what -
IT DOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

outcast implies you have been shunned or expelled (from whatever)
but your posts make it pretty clear you're where you are from your own choices & actions

I find it hard to believe you aren't aware of this - but "histrionic tendency" just means a a habit of behaving overly dramatic, out of all proportion to situations at hand - like a spoiled 4 year old's tantrums - it's nothing more than somebody who habitually handles situations by aggressively acting out, demanding everybody's attention until they get their own way

as far as your "weed" habit (which you seem to delight in telling us about)goes-
make up your mind -
you now say you have an occasional toke or two
but for several months you have been saying you are a daily cannabis consumer

daily ain't "a toke or two"
it's a SERIOUS drug habit
somebody in another post suggested NA-
damn good idea
and can do nothing but make dealing with CH easier

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