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Posted by Kip D. ( on January 15, 2000 at 00:34:41:

Strange how I found this site. I am not a clusterhead, but oh how I can relate to your pain. I am a recovering alcoholic/addict and migraine sufferer. Reading some of the descriptions of these horrid headaches and the debillitating fear that accompanies their onset and presence sent shivers down my spine. I can truly relate and I hope maybe I can shed some light in sharing my experience. I have been sober for about a year and a half and until about 3 months ago I was plagued by these horrible depressions accompanied by increasing headaches and nausea. They became increasingly cyclical and I began to fear the next onslaught, because I knew my brief hiatus, was exactly that a hiatus. In the final weeks the insanity of what was happening to me was so tumultuous that I began to think suicide was the only way out of this pain. These attacks were especially frightening because I could not pinpoint any reason why I should be experiencing this. My life could not have been any better and when these attacks were not occuring I was as happy as a clam. Many people suggested therapy and others medication and still others asked me if there was an event in my life I may have been surpressing. I continued to pray and seek an answer, if there was one. One day it came in the form of a very wise man whom I knew only by a brief acquaintance. He caught wind of my dilemma and explained to me he had experienced something similar 16 years ago and since he has recognized the truth, he has never experienced the pain or insanity again. He went on to hand me a book on spiritual oppression and with the site of this book my hopes for freedom faded. Demon oppression I thought? Give me a break I said in my mind, surely this man has lost his marbles. But I was so desperate for freedom that I agreed to have an open mind and read it. I opened the book and promptly consumed the 300 pages it contained in 48 hours. It made some sense and the pain and insanity was increasing so I decided I had nothing to lose by exhausting this avenue. To make a long story short, through prayer and belief in God I am free today. I never I thought I would be the type of person to post something like this or to proclaim the power of Jesus Christ. Right now as look at what I am typing, I laugh to myself that I have bbecome the very thing I used to mock, A JESUS FREAK!! But folks, He is real and He is here to help you and set you free from whatever you oppresses you be it spiritual or physical. I hope I do not offend anyone with this post, and I only mean to lend hope and faith in what is real and what is the Truth. I found this site by "mistake" and here I am typing this novel. Today there are no coincidences in my life and I know I am exactly where I should be at this precise moment. God Bless You Clusterheads and know that there is someone out there praying for your release from what ever may bind you.

God Bless,


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