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Posted by Carl D ( on January 19, 2000 at 13:39:15:

I'm better today than I was. The last two day were pure hell. I don't ever want to go through that again. Unless you have had one on both sides at once, fullblown - you just can't appreciate it. Been hit twice since midnight. One at 1:30am (fullblown 10) and one at 6:ish this morning (bout a 7). Have been shadowing quite a bit this morning. I have that "I left the ice on my eyeball too long" feeling, like my eye is almost froze. Dealing with it.

Todd, if I ever get to see the doc again (or at least one who is half savvy) I will mention the magnesium and possible chemical imbalance to him/her/it. I have lost total respect for most of the medical community - it just sucks that I have to rely on them to do thier job. Seems to me most of them only care about getting paid and could really give a care less about the patient themselves. If a treatment works, fine - if it doesn't - oh well, its not like they have to suffer ( a doctors idea of suffering is they might not get to play golf this weekend.)

I mean no disrespect to someone like Dr. Goadsby or Doc Greg, as I am sure they are very good at what they do and geniunely care. I have yet to find a doctor outside of my general practitioner (who did all he could) and the chiropracter who treated me (who really did care), that even kinda gives a rip.

So for now - I just have to suffer. Trying to keep my mind busy by reading, doing music, and working on my book (which is a headache in itself.) I was supposed to do an acoustic open mic showcase last night - but, as usual, had to cancel out due to my freeking head.
Thank you guys for caring. I feel alone most of the time, probably due to the fact I have spent most of my time alone the last couple of months. You can become really unpopular when you go through fits of rage in pain, but what can you do? I just bail away from wherever I am if I am in public - and if I disappear, most everyone knows what it means - so they have disappeared. So much for thick and thin.


P.S. - Margi, don't give me too much rope, you know what I'll probably do with it.

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